Manzanita means ‘little apple” and the town really does have a sweetness to it. Neahkahnie is the mountain and “town” just North of Manzanita. Someone once told me that Neahkahnie means Fire Mountain or, maybe she said that this is what the Native Americans people who originally inhabited this area used to call Neahkahnie- either way, it is a beautiful mountain to see from below and Manzanita is equally charming to view from the mountain’s shoulder as you drive over it and into town…

If you are able to visit Manzanita and/or to stay at the Little Beach Cabin, we sincerely wish you an enjoyable voyage getting here (it’s a lovely drive) and a relaxing stay during your time here.

It takes about an hour and a half from Portland if you avoid peak traffic times (Friday afternoons for example or Sunday night let’s say…) and really is a lovely drive along Hwy 26 and then down Hwy 101 for about 13 miles. Cannon Beach is a very popular spot to pass through on the way south.

Those who have been coming here for years and those who are discovering it for the first time- know right away and with a lasting certainty that this is really a very special place.